Tips For Mismatched Bedroom Dressers

Elegant Bedroom Dressers

Bedroom Dressers – Furniture that does not match can be the ruin of your new sweet apartment or it can be an opportunity for you to be creative with the appearance of your new home. You have options to transform the cupboards that do not match, for what you inspire. But, it is not necessary to get a perfect combination, as long as it is close. If the pieces have a similar size but different details, this works well.

First, use paint or stain to bring bedroom dressers closer to look alike. You can paint on finished wooden furniture or stain the unfinished pieces. You would have to remove the paint or stain finished parts to give them a new look. Find a way to make the two pieces more similar. For example, alter the drawer pulls, choosing a basic piece for both. Cover the top of each sideboard with decorative scarves or cloth in similar shades.

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Try moving the sideboards to opposite sides of the room, a strategy that helps hide furniture that does not match. Create two separate zones in the bedroom, one for each bedroom dressers. Join the zones through the color. If you cannot stand the idea of ​​uneven furniture and cannot confirm the time to change one or both of the pieces, it may be time to go buy furniture. Decide what degree of difference you can live with and then look for a new piece that is in your budget and meets your criteria.

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