Styles Of Bathroom Mirrors Design

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Bathroom Mirrors – George Bernard Shaw once said: “You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul.” While mirrors offer functional uses in the bathroom, a decorative mirror can double as a work of art. It is to complement the style of this small room. From a country to a modern one, many different styles of mirrors will offer the opportunity to reflect not only an expensive but personal style as well.

Probably the most versatile of the types of bathroom mirrors, mirrors with frames allow decorators to choose a frame that matches the theme of the bathroom. Frames, clean and simple, adorned with scrolls or modern design frames allow users to take the base mirror to another level. Pick up a large mirror with a large frame to make small bathrooms look bigger. And the next style is shadowbox mirrors. This style of mirror is placed on the wall and can be opened to store the needs of the bathroom such as toothpaste, soap or lotion. A shadowbox mirror works well with those who seek to decorate with a minimalist style or who want clean lines and smooth surfaces without clutter. These mirrors also work well with limited bathrooms in the storage space.

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Illuminated bathroom mirrors illuminate windowless bathrooms and go well with any decorating theme. Illuminated mirrors lit from the top, sides or the four edges give a variety of options. Use an illuminated mirror to accentuate a contemporary style, to add a soft glow to country themed baths or to give more light to the basement bathrooms.

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