Steps To Renew Round Dining Room Tables

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Round Dining Room Tables – Finishing your dining table will give you old, worn-down boards with new life and a nice appearance. Scratches, dents, and discoloration occur on dining tables. If the damage is from the sun or years of wear, finishing your round dining table can be an efficient way to give your dining room a fresh air without breaking the bank. Removing the old finish and adding new paint or wood ink can make your round dining table look new again.

Apply a layer of thick rubber finishing remover to the round dining room tables, with a brush of natural bristles. Allow the finished remover to sit for a few minutes until it begins to bubble and lift the finish off the surface. Scrape the final age, using a wide spatula. Scrape with the grain of the wood to avoid scratching the table. Remove the paint strip residues by dipping a pad of medium fine steel wool in thinner lacquer. Then, sand the surface with a finishing sander and 220 grit sandpaper to soften any stains. Wipe any sanding residue off the surface of the table with a soft, damp cloth from the store.

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Apply three coats of clear polyurethane coating to the surface of the board, using a natural bristle brush. Allow each layer to sit and dry before applying the next. Next, apply a finishing wax to the surface, using a very thin steel wool pad. This will get rid of and fill in any surface defects. Allow the wax to dry and polish the round dining room tables surface with a soft cloth for a smooth finish.

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