Size Of Modern Living Room

Style A Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room – There was a time in the living room called the room. It was where guests are welcome to sit and visit. After the Second World War, with the new construction of affordable housing, the room became the living room. Because that’s where family and friends got together to socialize, listen to the radio or watch TV. In contemporary homes, the living room has become more of a living room. And the one that is going on in the family room or a meeting.

While new architectural plans designate living, dining or family areas. They are open and not limited by walls to allow a freer flow of the function. This floor gives the rooms the appearance of being larger than what the plans read. In some of the floor plans for today, the living room is not even indicated on the plans. However, when present, its size has remained more or less constant, from approximately 10 x 12 feet to 12 x 14 feet, while the family room has grown up to 15 x 20 feet and beyond.

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The next consideration is House Size Determines room sizes. Of course, the size of the living room is determined by the size of the house and is generally proportional to the general square footage of the house. Usually, if the house is less than 2,000 square feet, there will be a family room, possibly referred to as a living room, which will be 15 x 20 feet 16 x 21 feet.

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