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Bathroom Storage – In any small space, storage becomes a problem. Many bathrooms are private space, and yet there are many elements that would not make sense to store them anywhere else. From toothbrushes to leftover towels to a set of electric curlers, it is necessary that there be a space allocated for everything.

Almost everyone has cabinets under the sink at some point. But, there is no need to limit the cabinets to that space. So, consider the bathroom storage cabinets above the sink. This works especially well in bathrooms for him and yours when it serves as a dividing line between the two sink spaces. Removals of vertical bars from the high or low cabinets serve to keep the towels in a less visible way.

The shelves are versatile storage solutions that can be combined with any decoration. To maximize storage in a corner, use corner shelves. If you do not like the look of over-the-hygienic shelves, aerial mount mounting shelves directly to the wall. Furthermore, these can go anywhere in the bathroom. Use a basket to store, towels rolled in a decorative and functional way. Use a large basket for bath towels and a small basket for cleaning cloths. The hooks are ideal for storing anything that can be hung, bathrobes make a copy of debuggers. Over-the-door bathroom storage is another option, although it can create a messy look.

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