Living Room Wall Decor In Modern Treatment

Living Room Wall Decor Tips

Living Room Wall Decor – Achieve a contemporary design aesthetic with its living room walls, focusing on one or two bold statements such as incorporating the fabric, graphic art or the design of an accent wall. Live room design options should have bold elements, without overwhelming a space. Be sure to choose a design you really like as most families spend considerable time in their living rooms.

The incorporation of bright colors, together with duller tones is a way to achieve a contemporary design in your living room. Try adding an accent living room wall decor to beautify your living space without overloading the room. Add a bold primary color such as yellow, orange or green in a matte finish to a focal wall. For a striking contemporary design, statement incorporate painted vertical stripes in your living room. The stripes should extend from the floor to the ceiling. For a clear-looking tape out uniformly spaced vertical lines with painter’s tape. The paint of the lines of a tone slightly darker than the color of the existing wall.

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Add texture and visual interest to your space in the room by using cloth panels to adorn the living room wall decor. Choose simple designs on your fabric for a contemporary look. Lines, graphic designs or solid colors work well. Place the pieces of cloth to board the foam with double-sided tape. Hang the use of wall putty or small nails. To create a uniform appearance on all panels of the same size or for a more eclectic approach they use different sized panels and create a mosaic appearance.

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