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Indications for the Proper Bathroom Lights

Bathroom Lights – If you are remodeling or designing a bathroom in your home, space will not be complete without adequate lighting. The lights can improve the function of the bathroom space. And it can even be part of your decorative scheme for the area. A large main light in a small bathroom is usually enough. A light mounted in the center of the ceiling will free up space on the floor. And a decorative accent like colored glass to cover the bulb will make the lighting more attractive. In a larger bathroom, a lamp in the color (s) you have designated for space can be placed in the corner. A more elaborate light installation, like a chandelier, works in an elegant large bathroom as well.

It may be necessary to have more than one type of bathroom lights in the room. It depends on the size and design of the bathroom. For example, a light installation over the mirror is very useful when you are doing hair or makeup application. And a light just above the shower or bathtub area is a practical addition too.

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If you have to use small light sources or lamps for certain areas of your bathroom, be sure to keep appliances and their cords away from the sink or bathtub. It is to avoid contact with water. Be sure to choose lamps that are small enough for the counter space you are using in the bathroom. So the bathroom lights cannot tip over.

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