Fun Ideas For Living Room Decor

Living Room Decor Tips

Living Room Decor – A living room often serves as a meeting point, a relaxation area, and a family entertainment center in a home. As a result, the living room is a perfect place for flex Design muscles and expresses family personalities, interests and creativity. Create a space that reflects personal style through creative color schemes, artistic additions, unique collections and interesting themed rooms.

Create a cheerful, bright space with a powerful color living room decor, inspired by citrus. There are rooms with natural architectural elements. Such as wood moldings, wooden beams, and stone fireplaces. Accentuate the space with colors such as lime green, orange and yellow to create a vibrant atmosphere. Paint the walls a bright color of the citrus fruit. To maintain the bright wall color of dominating the space, pair this scheme of citrus colors with neutral furniture, light.

For collectors and enthusiasts, consider creating a rich and elegant art gallery in the living room decor. Create a simple board on the wall by painting squares in neutral colors, with each other square being a shade or two darker than the original color. This neutral chess board creates interest but it does not take away the art gallery. Hang the art around the room and have lighting to each piece to the dining room a touch Gallery. Finish the space with silk curtains an upholstered Ottomans.

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