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Bathroom Sets – A beautiful bathroom can make you feel beautiful. Choose the transparency of the glass and pretend that you are showering outdoors. Use to find objects and colors, quite pale to personalize your bathroom. Or leave a large bathroom show a small character in a simple rustic room or in the open corner of a loft.

Peach-colored walls, pendant tile floors, a claw foot tub and a shabby chic sensibility can turn a common bathroom into a style of bathroom sets. Hang a flea market spider from the ceiling in the center of the room (spiders should never be hung over bathtubs or showers). Add some Swarovski crystals or colorful crystal flowers to the chandelier for more sparkle. Make a striped silk curtain balloon pale through the window. The more complete the shadow, the better.

Pile a lot of pale pink, peach, buttercream and mint towels in a wicker basket painted with flowers. Elastic stitch around an embroidered kitchen towel is use for a toilet lid. Use half a large white clamshell for a bowl of soap. Put a flat quartz stone in the shell and place the vanilla-smelling soap on the stone. I recreate a niche in the wall, defined by an ornate frame painted with creamy vanilla. Put the glass shelves in the niche to keep the pretty jars of creams. And, a small jug with cut flowers from the garden to complete the beautiful bathroom sets.

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